Wie kann ich eine Subdomain für meine neue Sprache einrichten?

The SEO features on Localizer's Plus and Business plans allow you to set up a new subdomain for each new language you add. These enable all of your translations to be search engine friendly and target specific countries.

You will need to have access to the subdomain via your CMS. After that, it is as simple as the steps below:

1Login to your Localizer account, go to your Batch Translator and click on the Settings link beside your chosen language.


2Click on the SEO Settings drop-down, tick the box to assign a new domain for your selected language, then enter the domain name. Click the Save button to save changes.


If you wish to add a secure sub-domain (HTTPS not HTTP) select the Handle Secure (SSL) Pages box and enter your current SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) domain followed by your secure sub-domain.